Loving your team starts on the inside. It is constantly having genuine care in your heart for your team, in all things small and large, and letting this flow into your thoughts, words, and actions.

Loving your team does not mean you are soft and a people pleaser. Genuine love is always honest and doesn’t shy away from challenging conversations. But even in the intensity of challenging circumstances, love never dismisses true care and kindness.

Loving your team is an intentional thing. Regardless of what someone does and what level of natural frustration arises in you, you have a choice of the thoughts, words, and actions that you respond with. The “Love Your Team Challenge” encourages you to be intentionally aware of your thoughts, words, and actions towards your team members, and to strive to align all of them with genuine love.

Some tangible things to keep in mind as you undertake the 30 day challenge are:

  • If you do something that hurts someone else, either intentionally or unintentionally, apologise to them.
  • If someone does something that hurts you, either intentionally and unintentionally, forgive them.
  • If someone in your team makes a mistake, do not respond with blame. Instead, seek complete understanding of what went wrong, and coach the person on what they need to do differently next time.
  • Whenever you are going to speak to someone or take a particular course of action, consider how the other person will feel or be impacted.
  • In all situations, be on the lookout for the good things that are happening. Even if someone on your team is performing poorly, be attuned to notice if they do something well or exhibit an admirable attribute, and encourage the good that you see.
  • Approach every situation with impeccable honesty and goodwill. Do not dwell on thoughts that bring someone else down, and do not let out any words or actions that belittle anyone.

There are no formal rules about how to love your team, and people find their own ways of manifesting love for their team when they intentionally focus on it. We all have different natural styles, but no matter what your style, your team will benefit when your motivation is based in love.

Take plenty of notes on what you experience and observe as you proceed through the 30 days of the challenge, and when you are done you will have learned more about the way that loving your team works for you.

Watch the presentation that kick started the “Love Your Team Challenge”.