“Love your team” is a movement, that is spreading love in the corporate world. Now I’m not talking about romantic love, but of genuine care and goodwill that underpins the culture of special teams who band together to achieve amazing things.

My name is Paul Hughes, and I’ve been leading teams for over 15 years. I passionately believe deeply in my heart that people and businesses thrive when leaders embody genuine love for their teams.

This movement started with a presentation I gave at the Melbourne CTO Summit in December 2014, where I told the story of an intense and challenging software development project where love made a difference:

Watch the video, then consider how your commitment to more intentionally love your team could benefit yourself, your people, and your company. I have no doubt that it would.

I encourage you to take the 30-day Love Your Team Challenge, and see for yourself what flows from this. And if you do, please share your experience (#LoveYourTeamChallenge), and encourage other leaders to take the challenge too.